Gentleman London - Scented Candle N°8 "Eucalyptus"


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Scented candle Eucalyptus & Juniper fragrance | 225 g

Stimulating and cleansing, the distinctive air of eucalyptus is enhanced with fragrant juniper berries in the purest wax candle.

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Our unique 100% natural wax is manufactured in house and has been developed and refined over many years. The unique formula is made up from 100% certified vegan ingredients and from renewable sources.

We do not use standard off the shelf natural wax blends. We manufacture a totally eco-friendly product. The Wax is 100% natural and from certified vegan ingredients. All ingredients are natural, non-toxic and food grade/edible.

No paraffin/petroleum waxes used. No Palm waxes used in our unique blend. All ingredients are from sustainable and renewable annual crops. All ingredients are sourced from North America and Europe only.

Each component is free from animal testing.

All candles are Made in England at our Hartlebury factory.

Wicks are lead free and made from natural fibre.

Lasts approximately 50 hours.

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